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Thread: Get wireless back to Live CD fitness

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    Question Get wireless back to Live CD fitness

    Hi All,

    My question is this: Is there any way that I can lift the wireless/network components from the Live CD and simply replace the files on my hard drive?

    I've been with Ubuntu for about a year now. I love the freedom but here we go again with wireless problems.

    I installed Herron 2 weeks ago, Live CD works fine out-of-box, so did the install, but tonight after rebooting my laptop (the only changes I made were to install screenlets and Avant Windows Navigator) my network card crashed and I couldn't get it back up.

    I de-installed screenlets and the wired connection started working again, but wifi is gone.

    I've done this many times already with WEP/WPA, network manager, wifi radar and the command line (usually after an upgrade), but I don't want to spend the next 12 hours constantly pounding the CLI and I don't want to do a re-install either because I just got the desktop set up how I want.

    Please save me from the agro of a re-install!

    PS. I was just about to paste my setup but then I realised I'm on my desktop and can't copy and paste. If you think it's necessary I can go back to my laptop and plug in the ethernet and paste it from there.


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    Re: Get wireless back to Live CD fitness


    Some more information. What's odd is if that it seems to pick up an IP address from my router and recognise the network, but I am unable to ping or access my router. Although when I go to my router through my other pc it sees my laptop as connected.

    Normally I'd assume this was a firewall problem but I have no firewall running.

    I've tried hardcoding my wireless info and doing a dhclient, again it registers and IP address but unable to ping/connect.

    It really seems to me it might be a simple problem, I'd rather not do a re-install, there must be some way that settings can be lifted and transplanted from the Live CD?

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