Hi, I don't know really where to post this. Perhaps not an installation problem. I didn't find anything similar in the forums. Anyway:

Hardy does not 'see' the swap area in my laptop Toshiba A50 (see specs below). When I type
It says at the 5th line: Swap 0k total, 0k used, 0k free, 296780k cached
I would expect something as 1400000k of total swap, as I have a swap partition about 1.4 Gb. It seems to be Hardy-specific, as the expected size of swap is displayed ok in Gutsy on the same computer (I have dual boot xp-gutsy-hardy).

Nevertheless, the swap partition is there, as seen with "fdisk -l". By the way, my hd setup is:
primaries ntfs(xp), fat32(mydata)
extended --> ext3(gutsy), ext3(hardy), swap

I found this problem by hazard, as it didn't lead to any issue, because the system didn't need to swap so far. But it's a potential problem anyway.

Any help would be thankfully appreciated
TOSHIBA laptop SA50-110 / Pentium M (0.09) 1596MHz / 1.1 Cache =64K, 19704 MB/s / 1.2 cache=2048K, 8674 MB/s / Memory=1007Mb 1039Mb/s
Chipset: Intel i855GM/GME/F SB 99MHz Mobile platform / Settings: RAM=165MHz (DDR330) / CAS=2.5-3-3-7