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Thread: Intrepid Ibex Release Schedule

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    Intrepid Ibex Release Schedule

    Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Release schedule. For more information please check out

    May 1st
    Toolchain Uploaded

    May 15th

    May 22nd
    Developer Summit - Prague, CZ

    June 5th
    Specifications must be finalized, Translations exported from Launchpad

    June 12th
    Alpha 1

    June 26th
    • DebianImportFreeze
    • Remaining upstream merges completed, Rebuild Test

    July 3rd
    Alpha 2

    July 10th
    Ubuntu 8.04.1 (proposed)

    July 24th
    Alpha 3

    July 31st
    Developer Sprint (proposed)

    August 14th
    Alpha 4

    August 28th
    • Feature Freeze
    • Artwork Deadline One
    • Rebuild Test, Upgrade Testing begins

    September 4th
    Alpha 5

    September 11th
    • User Interface Freeze
    • Artwork Deadline Two

    September 18th
    Alpha 6

    September 25th
    • BetaFreeze
    • Intrepid Artwork Final Deadline
    • Rebuild Test

    October 2nd
    • Beta Release
    • Documentation String Freeze

    October 16th
    • NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline
    • KernelFreeze
    • Rebuild Test <!> Final translation export from Launchpad

    October 23rd
    • ReleaseCandidate
    • LanguagePackTranslationDeadline

    October 30th
    FinalRelease Ubuntu 8.10
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