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Thread: Dell Installation advice

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    Dell Installation advice

    Hey, I'm new to linux and like it.

    I have an Inspiron 6400 that came with XP with no XP cd instead just restore image partition. I tried wubi ubuntu and was impressed, although a whole new language. I tried to set up a dual boot xp and ubuntu 8.04 but with no success xp would crash, i think because grub and MBR both starting, dunno anyway. After having to completely go back to factory setting and the hell of all the dell xp crap (mcaffee couldn't uninstall) I did a complete reformat and installed Hardy Heron.

    It seems to work fine but I'm now wondering if I should have installed a dell ubuntu package to get driver and firmware upgrades, (think I need one for my CD/DVD drive TS-632D).

    Should I do another reinstall? Or any advice help would be cool.
    Also how tough would it be to do a dual boot XP Ubuntu without the xp cd and just the dell restore partition I backed up an external hard drive? (I also have an image of the Windows partition from before I did anything). Is it worth it?

    The only things i liked about XP were it was all I knew and maybe Adobe Lightroom for Photo organizing and editing but i can do without and besides I love trying new programs, realized most of my most used are on linux anyway, except for skype .

    Thanks very much sorry to have gone on. First time poster.

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    Re: Dell Installation advice

    Never used Wubi myself but if you install by booting with the Live CD in your CD drive you'll find the dual boot process is easy -- respond to prompts.
    Thank a veteran -- George 8)
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