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Thread: Trying to get UDP/RTP Multicast streams

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    Angry Trying to get UDP/RTP Multicast streams

    Hello all,

    I've just installed Mythbuntu for the first time and have managed to get most of it working. BUT I am trying to view some UDP/RTP Multicast streams.

    I have created an m3u file with a single channel on it...
    #EXTINF:0,202 - ABC1
    udp://123.456.789.987:1234 (Numbers changed)

    I also have a Haupague PVR-350 and can view TV via the antenna connection on it. However, when I select channel 202 the current program stops for a short while and then continues without changing to 202.

    If I back out of Mythbuntu I can run VLC and watch the stream without any troubles. I just can't watch the stream from within Mythbuntu.

    Have I missed something?

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    Re: Trying to get UDP/RTP Multicast streams

    Hello again.

    I'll try and give a bit more detail.

    I installed 8.04 last weekend. I had a few troubles setting up routing tables to use the two ethernet cards the right way to access the streams and the internet... eventually sorted it out when I swapped the two cables over .
    When I configured the backend I configured the PVR-350 and it scanned the channels OK. I also configured a 'Network Recorder' and pointed it to file:///home/mythtv/iptv.m3u. I also set the 'tunning timeout' to about 15 seconds (just to be safe) The content of the m3u file is shown above.

    I then created a listings source with 'no grabber' and associated the network recorder with the new source and scanned for channels. The channels (i added a few more) are found and displayed. When I back out and run mythfilldatabase I get:

    2008-05-03 08:58:16.666 Using runtime prefix = /usr, libdir = /usr/lib
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.667 Empty LocalHostName.
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.667 Using localhost value of MythTV
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.687 New DB connection, total: 1
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.713 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host: localhost
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.715 Closing DB connection named 'DBManager0'
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.715 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host: localhost
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.719 New DB connection, total: 2
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.719 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host: localhost
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.721 Source 1 configured with no grabber. Nothing to do.
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.723 Data fetching complete.
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.723 Adjusting program database end times.
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.725 0 replacements made
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.726 Marking generic episodes.
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.726 Found 0
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.726 Marking repeats.
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.728 Found 0
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.728 Unmarking new episode rebroadcast repeats.
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.729 Found 0
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.729 Marking episode first showings.
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.729 Found 0
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.730 Marking episode last showings.
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.730 Found 0
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.731
    ================================================== =============
    | Attempting to contact the master backend for rescheduling. |
    | If the master is not running, rescheduling will happen when |
    | the master backend is restarted. |
    ================================================== =============
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.738 Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 5)
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.739 Using protocol version 40
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.773 Received a remote 'Clear Cache' request
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.828 mythfilldatabase run complete.
    2008-05-03 08:58:16.851 DataDirect: Deleting temporary files

    This was a procedure given on the MythTV site.

    Looking forward to any feedback. Even a hint about this being a front end vs back end issue. Or a pointer to anyone else that has tried this on 8.04


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