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Thread: Dell version of 8.04

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    Dell version of 8.04

    So, I've seen a lot of topics about no sound on their Dells running Ubuntu. I don't usually have mine on, so I haven't noticed yet. However, I have noticed exceptionally long boot-up times, and my laptop controls have shrunken (I have less control over screen brightness and such). When Dell comes out with their version of 8.04, will it fix all these problems by updating to it? Also, how can I make sure that the Dell repository (if it exists) is enabled. I saw something during the upgrade to 8.04 that third party repositories may be disabled.
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    Re: Dell version of 8.04

    On dell xps M1530 ubuntu 8.04 works perfectly and all the devices works out of the box.
    I have only some problem with the touchpad and keyboard, but i don't now if it's my guilty or a spread problem.
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