Hey, I recently upgraded from Gusty to Hardy Heron, which is obvious since it just came out, and i'm having some problems. The first is that my BASH screen keeps freezing, when I leave a large folder open for a few minutes. I use my Ubuntu machine primarily as a multimedia machine so I have tons of movies on it. When I open the folder containing all the movies it takes for ever to display them all. I never had this problem with gusty, when I click the folder to open it would open right up and all the files would be there and listed almost instantly now with Heron it takes about 10 seconds to display them all. And if I leave the folder open for a few minutes it goes all dark and I have to force quit out of it causing everything to be reset. the folder is just under 200gbs but Gusty handled it fine. I am also having the load up delay problem with other folders and with terminal. Also, in Gusty the folders had a last use memory, so if I made one of the columns wider it would remember it for next time I opened it. Now every time I open a folder my File column is tiny only big enough to display about 4-5 letters and my other columns are huge. My only remedy for this so far is to remove all but file and size. Any suggestions on any of these problems.