I'm relatively skilled with Linux, but have VERY little skill in apache. I have a sever set up, which i can use on my intranet by pointing my internet browser to my ipaddress. However, beyond that there really isnt much i know.

I was thinking of buying a domain and trying this out. However Id on;t know where to begin to configure my apache server.

I've never bought a domain before, so I don't know how it works. I'd like to know how I would configure apache if I bought a domain...i dont know much at all so all the info anyone could give is appreciate.

I've tried to google it, and the sites i did find i dont entirely understand.

the 3 things i really want to know is

1)If i registered a domain how would i configure apache
2)is there a way to configure apache to use a domain on my internal network without registering that domain(so if i wanted to go to like www.whatever.com on my other computer)
3)if there is a way to make it so i could access my web server though my global ipaddress without registering a domain?

i do want to learn anything else I can about apache. I am planning on going into the field and I need to know where to start.