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Thread: Two probs - Caps Lock and Printing issues

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    Two probs - Caps Lock and Printing issues

    Caps Lock issue..

    I need to set Ubuntu 7.10 so that when I put focus on a particular application, it automatically switches to Caps Lock ON and when I toggle off that application to another, I need it to default to whatever the Keyboard Setting is at..

    Essentially, whenever I toggle to the program I need the Caps Lock to go ON.. When I leave, I need it to go to the default setting which is Caps Lock OFF..

    The program is a session of QIC-PC J2... Which is the Java version of QICPCII. We used QICPCII in Windows and had this feature. Whenever we put focus on the QICPCII program, the caps lock would go ON and it toggled ON/OFF as you toggled between it and other applications like, email, web browser, word docs, etc..
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