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Thread: dell d810 ipw2200bg problems

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    dell d810 ipw2200bg problems


    i hav a dell d810 60gb hdd,1gb ram,pentium,ati graphics card and intel pro wireless 2200gb card. i am dual booting xp and ubuntu 6.1. my wireless didnt work as soon as i installed ubuntu.the i did a update and it finds my network.but when i try and connect to m wireless network it wont connect.i downloaded 'wireless assistant' wifi-radar' 'Kwlan' 'Kwifi Manager' and none of these let me connect.please help me

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    Re: dell d810 ipw2200bg problems

    Well first of all, have you tried a newer ubuntu release? Or is that an option? THe ipw2200 is very very well supported these days but was still rough in the older releases. I think the easiest way to do this would be to upgrade ubuntu.
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