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Thread: After upgrade to 8.04 dlink 514 not working.

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    After upgrade to 8.04 dlink 514 not working.


    I have a DLink di-514 wireless router, and now after I upgraded to Hardy Heron, I can't get wireless working. My wireless works with other wlans but my own is not working. There is nothing wrong with the dlink neither as it works with other setups(previous ubuntu, my mobile phone etc.)).
    Does anybody have any idea what I could do to get it working or will I have to downgrade my ubuntu?

    I would really appreciate any help as I otherwise really like the new ubuntu.

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    Re: After upgrade to 8.04 dlink 514 not working.

    I have the same problem. Me, I installed a fresh copy of hardy heron and my dlink DI-524 won't allow my PC access. When I manually configure my connection and choose DHCP, I can only do google search but i can't go to other sites. when I click 'enable roaming' i receive another option 'connect to 802.1x network. when i click that, i receive a message box that requires me to fill in with certain data like Network name, user Id and password and special password. when I go to my router, the network name says default and Idon't use any password for my router. I'm only using my router at home to connect 3 PCs. PLEASE HELP! needless to say I'm a noob.


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