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Thread: Video card usage on D820 Latitude

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    Video card usage on D820 Latitude

    I am fairly new to linux in general (installed ubuntu the other day). Got everything set up and configured and upgraded to heron and all pretty easily. I started to notice though some choppy frames per second though when i started using compiz pretty heavily with the workspace cube and such and noticed my CPU usage was really spiking. I have a pretty heavy duty laptop with a 512Mb Nvidia card in it and core duo 2.0Ghz processors. I haven't noticed the fan turning much on my video card and have a sneaking suspicion my video card is not being utilized much at all.

    My main question is if there is any way to view my GPU/video card 'usage' to see if my video card is being appropriately utilized similar to a CPU usage meter.

    Thanks =)

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    Re: Video card usage on D820 Latitude

    If you haven't found it yet, it's under System->Administration->System Monitor

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