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Thread: Emerald seems not to work properly.

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    Emerald seems not to work properly.

    Hi guys!

    My first post on the forum

    First of all i must say that i've looked around for other topics but they didn't helped me so that's why i must bug you with this.

    The topic pretty much says it all, emerald wont set any themes.
    I installed Emerald and the Emerald Theme Manager and downloaded this theme:

    Installed it into emerald but it wont apply the theme.

    Is there a possibility that the version of emerald I've got is older than the theme recuires or vice versa?

    Or maybe someone is kind enough to give me resp's to a working ETM?

    Would be glad if someone helped me out here

    Thanks on advance ^^

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    Re: Emerald seems not to work properly.

    Same problem here :/
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    Re: Emerald seems not to work properly.

    It works for me. Have you installed the fusion-icon? It's available in Synaptic and makes it easy to use emerald as your window decorator. After installation you will find it in Applications-System Tools.


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