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Thread: Update Manager Frozen

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    Exclamation Update Manager Frozen

    Whenever I try installing updates, the update manager freezes. I click "Install Updates", then a progress bar window pops up, it disappears and my update manager is grayed out like it's frozen. Never asked me for a password.

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    Re: Update Manager Frozen

    You may have more than one open and working at a time or some sort of memory problem or other bug. I know I had some problems connecting to the server but I don't think I greyed out. On your next restart try the update manager again. Until then you can use the terminal to update. Input:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    Don't force it, feel it.

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    Re: Update Manager Frozen

    Additionally, many people have commented that the updates have been slow today. (I tried an upgrade on a PC at the office and gave up after staring at the greyed out upgrade progress box for about 15 minutes...)

    Clearly the internet tubes are clogged because of so many Microsoft developers downloading Hardy to get ideas as to how to bail themselves out of the Vista mess. (a.k.a. Windows Me MkII)

    Things should chill out in a day or so.




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