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    Where can I find a bunch of programs written entirely in Python? I've been searching Google for over an hour. It shows me everything but the source code. It details how certain program are made, etc. But all I want to do is look at source code, and figure out what it does on my own. I tried SourceForge, but that site is huge, and I didn't see a option to just search for program written in python. I searched for python, but it came back with a million things I wasn't interested in. I just want to read through various code and study it. Anyone have any leads? Or should I try a Python forum?

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    Re: source code has links to applications written in python. Go to the corresponding applications web site to download the source code (usually made available as a tar.gz file)

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    Re: source code

    Alternatively you can do "apt-get source <package>" to get the source code for ubuntu packages if you know that they're written in python. There's quite a few gnome programs in python.


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