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Thread: Installation Problem Acer Aspire m3100 AMD Athlon 64x2

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    Installation Problem Acer Aspire m3100 AMD Athlon 64x2

    I am having some problems installing Ubuntu 7.10 on an Acer Aspire M3100, with a AMD Athlon 64x2 processor. I have downloaded the i386 package and made an iso image on a DVD. I have used this disk to install ubuntu on several machines but I have not been able to do so on my M3100. I was wondering if this issue was related to me having the wrong version/package do I require the x86_64 version? The M3100 currently runs on a system32 windows vista system..

    The BIOS is another issue which has me really confused unlike the BIOS's I am used to the M3100 comes with BIOS options Del for BIOS Configuration and F12 for boot setup. I pressed f12 and hard drive is placed above cd drive, there is no way of moving it up but you can press enter on the cd boot and then choose a drive to boot from. After doing this a black screen comes up with the following text.
    Verifying DMI Pool Data ............. Update Success
    Boot from CD:
    With the cd in the drive this is all that happens and it just stays in this spot.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Installation Problem Acer Aspire m3100 AMD Athlon 64x2

    I had a similar problem but with a netvista a week ago and was able to get past it by entering the bios and loading the default settings.
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