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Thread: convert mp3 music file to 3gp (psp)

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    convert mp3 music file to 3gp (psp)

    convert mp3 music files to 3gp (psp) using ubuntu on ps3. ?? anyone know where to start?

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    Re: convert mp3 music file to 3gp (psp)

    Hi, I recently downloaded a programme called Fuoco. I havn't had too much time to try it but I did manage to convert an mpeg video to 3gp and play it on my mobile. I am curious though as you say you want to convert mp3(a sound file) to 3gp which I know as a video/sound format. Anyway Fuoco appears to be able to convert several video/sound types. Look it up.
    Google search "fuoco ubuntu".

    Sorry just re-read your original, what's ps3, as I may have gone off half-cocked...

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