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Thread: LXDE 0.3 - Lightwght and Fast Desktop Environment (apt repo is provided)

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    LXDE 0.3 - Lightwght and Fast Desktop Environment (apt repo is provided)

    Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, as known as LXDE, is a project launched in 2006 aimed to provide a modern lightweight desktop environment for X11.
    It tries hard to get maximal usability from minimal resource usage, and provide a usable desktop for low end machines.
    It's less known, but it's absolutely worth trying, especially when today's desktop environments are getting more and more bloated. In most cases, LXDE is lighter and even a little bit faster than XFCE.

    Project page:
    Video - LXDE on EeePC (much faster then the built-in Xandros system):

    Add this apt repo to your /etc/apt/sources.list, or add this via Synaptic:
    deb hardy main
    deb-src hardy main
    If you are using Gutsy, use this unofficial repo. (The packages here are out of date)
    deb ./
    Then, you can get the basic LXDE desktop with this apt-get.
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install lxde
    After the installation, you can login to LXDE by choosing it from gdm.

    This apt repo is maintained by LXDE developers. It only contains the most basic components of LXDE. More applications will be available via this repo after more testing is finished.

    To see what LXDE looks like, here is the screenshots.

    The Whole Desktop - Simple, Fast, and Elegant

    Easy & Fast File Management with PCManFM

    LXPanel Provides Everything You Expect For A Desktop Panel

    The panel can be configured from GUI preference dialog, and there is no need to edit config files

    We also provides a "Run" dialog with autocompletion in the panel
    You can open this dialog with
    lxpanelctl run
    while lxpanel is running.

    Fast and Easy Image Viewing with GPicView

    To see more screenshots, go to our project page please.
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