I recently installed a windows 2008 sever with vmware, using Ubuntu 7.10 as guest os. First I had some problems getting the vmxnet driver to load, but after removing the pcnet32 (?!) it seems to load just fine.
[46975.936429] Found vmxnet/PCI at 0x1424, irq 17.
[46975.936725] vmxnet: numRxBuffers=(100*24) numTxBuffers=(100*64) driverDataSize=9000
[46975.940462] eth0: vmxnet ether at 0x1424 assigned IRQ 17.

But the speed are the same as it was before installing the vmxnet driver?!
I'm getting 4-8 mb/sec to my guest (ubuntu) and 20-25 mb/sec to the host.
When i run htop i can see that the cpu is working at near 100% (2.4 ghz btw). Guessing the vmxnet driver arent working as it's supposed to?
Anyone else experiencing this?