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Thread: Upgrading MythTV

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    Upgrading MythTV

    Hi all,

    I may be thinking along the totally wrong lines and if so shoot me down.

    I am currently running Mythbuntu 7.04. My understanding (maybe wrong) is that MythTV 0.21 is about to be released, when it is is it possible to update the version of mythtv running within mythbuntu without updating the version of mythbuntu?

    Also when mythbuntu 8.02 is released, as it is using the trunk version of mythtv at the moment, when mythtv 0.21 is offically released will mythbuntu be able to upgrade to the stable version of mythtv?

    Just want to know, because if not I may just install xubuntu and mythtv seperatly so that I can have the latest version of Mythtv.

    As I said my thinking may be completely out on this way of using upgrades.



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    Re: Upgrading MythTV

    There are directions for adding the weekly trunk builds to an existing mythbuntu/ubuntu here:


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