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Thread: [8.04] Mythbuntu-diskless: Testers wanted!

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    [8.04] Mythbuntu-diskless: Testers wanted!


    Mythbuntu 8.04 will make it very easy to add diskless frontends to your existing setup.

    There are several reasons why you'd want diskless frontends:
    * No hard disk: your frontend is cheaper and quieter
    * Setup time: you don't have to install Mythbuntu on all your frontends. Instead, you just create one image on the server which is used by all diskless frontends.
    * Quickly turn existing (windows) computers into MythTV frontends without having to install Mythbuntu or load the live disk.

    The second version of the mythbuntu-diskless packages was uploaded last night and they're finally stable enough to have them tested by a wider audience.

    If you're interested in testing it, I have put together some documentation. It's necessary that you're at least running mythbuntu-diskless version 0.2-0ubuntu1.

    Keep in mind that it's a bit rough, especially regarding the documentation . If you encounter any problems or if you have trouble understanding the documentation, please post here so we can get it fixed!



    update #1: There seems to be some confusion whether mythbuntu-diskless uses fat clients or thin clients.
    With thin clients, all applications are run on the server and the thin client just displays the graphical parts. For MythTV, this doesn't make much sense because transferring uncompressed video over your network will use a lot of bandwidth.
    That's why we're using a fat client approach: everything is running locally on the client. You should be able to access your optical drives, hard disks and capture cards just like with a regular Mythbuntu install. (Keep in mind that mythtv-backend isn't automatically installed, though.)

    update #2: the documentation now resides in the wiki. Please help to improve it!
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