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Thread: Wine Software for win files and Programs?

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    Wine Software for win files and Programs?

    Hi guys; i just notice there is a Wine software thread and i would like to know if i install wine in Ubuntu 14.04 Or Xubuntu 14.04 will be able to use it on with my Sony SyberCam that only reeds Win Files,and a Music Sheet Notation Finale program that only installs in win?

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    Re: Wine Software for win files and Programs?

    Wine has nothing to do with the Sony. You can not install Windows drivers with Wine, so the Sony will need to use Linux drivers -- and that is the same situation with or without Wine installed.

    As to the program, go to the link and do a search for that program. If it is not found, or if the rating is lower than Gold, you're wasting your time installing Wine:
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