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Thread: Xine codecs

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    Xine codecs

    Is there a way to update the codecs in xine. I switched to it for Mythvideo playback due to aspect ratio problems with the internal player and mplayer but it only seems to play 70% of my videos accurately. The rest have skewed pictures or weird colour lines across the screen which I take to be a codec problem.

    I've already allowed all of the codecs in mythbuntu config and i've used synaptic to get the freecodecs and w32. Also vlc works like a charm (just prefer xine if possible, plus xine likes my remote whereas vlc would need configuring). Could xine maybe just not be seeing the codecs?

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Xine codecs

    give a bit more info about your system. what xine version is installed?

    is libxine1-ffmpeg installed?


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