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Thread: Access local hard drive from virtulization

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    Access local hard drive from virtulization

    Is there anyway to get files from a local hard drive (real not virtual) and use them on a virtual computer?
    I dont really mind what app i use to virtualize the computer(so long as its free ), but iff possible VMware, as i already have it installed. I am running windows xp as a virtual computer.

    Hope there is a way!! (or i am forever screwed to reboot into win)

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    Re: Access local hard drive from virtulization

    In Ubuntu you set the drives as shares, then access them in the virtual OS using the Network Places, or whatever it is called.

    In Ubuntu you have access to the shared folders in the Virtual OS through the SSH and the Nautilus file manager.

    If this is not clear, and you need more details, please ask.
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