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Thread: Trick: Xbox 360 Media

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    Trick: Xbox 360 Media

    This is more of a trick than anything. The problem is how to use Xbox 360's media functions that only work with Windows Media Center. I have a media server for all my music and movies so using VMware server I put in a windows media center machine inside a VM and connected it to the samba share I created for all the media. I've also done this for a friend of mine who runs a 256mb ram VM in VMware player to get his Xbox 360 to play with the media.

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    Re: Trick: Xbox 360 Media

    Alternatively you could try the X360 Media Serve sourceforge project.

    Works great although you'll need to change the permissions of all the scripts and slightly alter a couple of them (change $var to "$var") to get it working 100%.

    Also, the recent update unfortunately broke video streaming, so atm that's not working.

    That said once you spend 2 minutes making the above changes (which are mentioned on the SF forum) everything else works a treat. You can even relay streaming radio (ala Radio Paradise) to the 360, which is nice.


    EDIT: Alternatively you could try uShare / Fuppes, both of which I've been reading up on since I posted above. Both seem like a better solution, especially so if you've applied the Dec07 software update to you 360. I haven't tried them as yet myself though.
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    Re: Trick: Xbox 360 Media

    I burned a CD to my 360. Shortly there after I broke the CD. I now want to import this CD to my Itunes collection. Is there any way to transfer audio files from the console to another source?


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