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Thread: trying to get fce-ultra set up in mythgame

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    trying to get fce-ultra set up in mythgame

    I have all my roms stored at in my home directory at roms/nes. I have fce ultra installed and I added the line

    fceu -fs 1 -joy1 1 -xres 1024 -yres 768 -soundvol 25

    to my mythgame listing.

    for some reason I still have no games showing up and when I tell it to scan for games nothing seems to happen.

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    Re: trying to get fce-ultra set up in mythgame


    I ran into a similar problem after a system crash. I couldn't add game roms or emulators. It ended up being a bad data table. This site helped immensely:

    Also, when you are setting up the emulator in mythgame, I always use the full literal directory for the roms, as opposed to ~/ as I've run into issues with that too.

    Lastly, I forget off hand, but fceu may have a config file and may need to be told where the roms are as well. I used it breifly on my last server, I'm running SDLmess now.




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