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Thread: Problem with MS virtual PC 2007

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    Problem with MS virtual PC 2007

    I am currently running WinXP, and I downloaded the iso file and tried to install it via ms virtual pc 2007, it boots fine into the setup sceen, but when I select to install it, every time, it loads the kernal, but goes into a black screen, with a flashing white line right after, and says somethng about fd0 I/0 error and then another error, I allocated 128megs of ram and 5 gigs of HDD, just to try it out, but doesn't seem to be working.

    any directions would be appreciated.

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    Re: Problem with MS virtual PC 2007

    I am running VMWare Server under XP and it works great without changes. I tried MS VPC 2007 and VirtualBox and had nothing but troubles with both. VMWare Server is free also.

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    Re: Problem with MS virtual PC 2007

    I presume that you want to install Ubuntu Linux in your virtual machine.

    In that case, I have two suggestions:
    • increase the RAM dedicated to your virtual machine to 256MB or more (I rather believe that the live CD needs as much)
    • supply the exact wording of any error messages you see. Some of us here have never seen MS Virtual PC but could possibly make an informed guess as to the source of the problem when given accurate information.
    A screenshot showing the message could be helpful, too.
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