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Thread: [SOLVED] Printing problems with Wine....or printer driver?

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    [SOLVED] Printing problems with Wine....or printer driver?

    I have not been able to find a suitable Linux 'accounting' program so I installed MYOB via wine. Everything goes well except for a few hitches that I can live with but I can't print. Well, I can print but all sorts of weird things can happen...or not! What also happens is that 'print jobs' are sent off to some mysterious, hidden 'queue'.

    I have an Epson Stylus C67 which does not have a driver listed, but, outside of this situation, it works fine on a C68 driver which is provided by Ubuntu so I haven't downloaded the specific driver required.

    Question is whether I have a 'wine' problem or a printer/driver problem.?

    Is there some way of establishing a print queue in Ubuntu?

    Ubuntu is great, It does almost all the things I need and does them well.

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    Re: [SOLVED] Printing problems with Wine....or printer driver?

    Are you now able to print using wine. I have a printing problem coincidently with an accounting package called tally. I want to know the solution if you have found and see if it can be related to the problem I have. Kindly forward the information you have regarding solution of your printing problem in wine.


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