OK, so I've had Mythbuntu 7.10 x64 running for over a month without any issues. Everything seems to work just fine, but the new hardware I'm using has no serial ports on the motherboard, so the existing Serial IR Blaster I was using will no longer work.

Because of this, I bought an IguanaWorks USB IR Transceiver (http://iguanaworks.net/product1.psp) as it seemed to do exactly what I wanted - even controlling two separate cable boxes with only one transceiver... sweet!

So I install the latest .deb file from their website, the daemon starts just fine and I see the appropriate /dev/iguanaIR mappings appear.

So why is it that no irsend commands work? According to the IguanaWorks website I need to use the irsend command twice, but I'm not getting any output and the channels still aren't changing even after the second irsend command.

Any advice?