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Thread: Channel changing usb to serial

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    Channel changing usb to serial is my setup:

    directv box d10... I only have one serial port...used for touchscreen...I want to get the channel changing script to work via usb to serial so I can add another box. I got it to work using serial so that is not the problem but when I switch over to usb to serial I have a little linux problem and am not good at troubleshooting it.

    Device is detected:

    willy@ubuntu-server:/usr/local/bin$ lsusb
    Bus 002 Device 003: ID 0bc2:0500 Seagate RSS LLC
    Bus 002 Device 001: ID 0000:0000
    Bus 001 Device 007: ID 058f:9720 Alcor Micro Corp.
    Bus 001 Device 003: ID 045e:001e Microsoft Corp. IntelliMouse Explorer
    Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0bc7:0004 X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. X10 Receiver
    Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:0000

    willy@ubuntu-server:/usr/local/bin$ dmesg | grep USB0
    [ 16.888000] usb 1-10: pl2303 converter now attached to ttyUSB0
    [ 176.728000] pl2303 ttyUSB0: pl2303 converter now disconnected from ttyUSB0

    Connecting and disconnecting shows that the USB to serial is Alcor Micro Corp

    And it is connecting at port USB0

    willy@ubuntu-server:/usr/local/bin$ dmesg | grep serial
    [ 1.792000] serial8250: ttyS0 at I/O 0x3f8 (irq = 4) is a 16550A
    [ 16.880000] usbcore: registered new interface driver usbserial
    [ 16.880000] /build/buildd/linux-source-2.6.22-2.6.22/drivers/usb/serial/usb-serial.c: USB Serial support registered for generic
    [ 16.880000] usbcore: registered new interface driver usbserial_generic
    [ 16.880000] /build/buildd/linux-source-2.6.22-2.6.22/drivers/usb/serial/usb-serial.c: USB Serial Driver core
    [ 16.888000] /build/buildd/linux-source-2.6.22-2.6.22/drivers/usb/serial/usb-serial.c: USB Serial support registered for pl2303
    [ 16.888000] /build/buildd/linux-source-2.6.22-2.6.22/drivers/usb/serial/pl2303.c: Prolific PL2303 USB to serial adaptor driver
    [ 18.220000] tveeprom 2-0050: Hauppauge model 48132, rev K268, serial# 8229854

    So...for my script I should use " port /dev/ttyUSB0 off" to turn the box off for instance....but I get:

    getattr: Inappropriate ioctl for device

    i have also tried " port /dev/ttyUSB0 baudrate 9600 off" hoping that for some reason it was sending too fast but same error.

    obviously something is wrong but I don't know what.

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    Re: Channel changing usb to serial

    Hmmm..may have solved this myself (best way)

    I dug around and found out that sometimes the brltty (brail) thing messes up USB to serial sometimes.


    So I removed it:

    sudo apt-get remove brltty

    This removed both brltty and brltty-x10 (not sure if this helped me or not but I will likely not need it...hopefully)

    I then did a dmesg | grep -i usb after before and after plugging and realized the port it was being assigned was /dev/ttyACM0

    so I then issued:

    Rebooted and now back to /dev/ttyUSB0 but it works now...wierd.

    sudo ./ port /dev/tty/ACM0 off and low and behold the box went off.


    sudo ./ port /dev/ttyACM0 on and the box came back on

    time to refine.
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