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Thread: Unresolvable GNU Radio deps

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    Unresolvable GNU Radio deps

    I am trying to build GNU Radio from source using their auto build script, for Ubuntu. Sifting through the verbose output it is because there are unresolvable dependencies through apt - namely libgruel (libgruel*, libgruel0*) and I think libgnuradio (-dev as well?)

    It was removed for being buggy, and not replaced with a working one?

    Any help or guidance would be appreciated (Perhaps how to just build the deps? I'm not very good with nix, already locked myself out twice...)


    Edit: I am an idiot... didn't read the output correctly. It was trying to remove it since it was being replaced from source. So now I just don't know why the script isn't installing >.> No errors.
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    Re: Unresolvable GNU Radio deps

    Maybe cd to the folder where the source is, there should be the build script directly in that folder
    If so at the prompt run this to re-run the script
    ./build-gnuradio -v
    See what it fails on

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    Re: Unresolvable GNU Radio deps

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