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Thread: Need to Learn PHP

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    Need to Learn PHP

    Hey guys, I really need to learn PHP to get a better job and get more out of debt, my IT support job just won't hack it anymore, problem is I have no idea what they would want in an employeed PHP job, so if anyone can help me out, mentor or tutor or whatever you wanna call it, I got lots of hosting space to trade. Maybe we can talk about this at the Ubuntu meeting.

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    Re: Need to Learn PHP

    I have a really nice PHP/MySQL book that you can read if you want. I have been learning PHP from it and it goes through everything you would ever need to know. Including payment gateways etc.

    Just pm me.

    The Net duck

    P.S. I don't think I am advanced enough to "mentor" you but you can use my resources
    My personal website is
    A great new design community is:


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