Okay, I've got these big dreams of running Windows within Ubuntu using VMware. I've done it in with Dapper in the past. This time, I'd like to try this method of having the Windows Start menu come up right inside GNOME. Even better if I can use my physical Windows partition as the virtual machine!

But here's my problem. When I was installing (again) VMware Server, it told me that while I should have 8GB free for the "partition", I actually only had 4.25GB free. So I told it to use 4GB. Then my install hung up because of my lack of disk space. This is odd, because my /home directory still has 57GB free and that's where I thought most of the VMware files went.

My / directory, oddly, is full to the brim. And it's a 10GB directory, which I thought would be sufficient for this average user.

So here are my questions:
  1. Is my VMware problem related to my / directory being full?
  2. What could fill up the / directory so quickly?
  3. Are there files I can clean up (I've already cleared out an older kernel)?
  4. How can I wipe VMware from my system so I can do a clean install? I tried re-installing and it failed.

Thank you one and all for your help.