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Thread: Mythbuntu 7.10 wont boot from live cd

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    Mythbuntu 7.10 wont boot from live cd

    Wanted to try this out to see if it is better than vista mce/tivo, but when I boot from the live cd, using either the normal option or safe graphics mode, it just hangs on a black screen after the mythbuntu loading screen. When I move the mouse, I can see the cursor after moving it, there is a white line at the top of the screen.

    PC stats:
    Athlon 2800 thoroughbred
    ~1.75gb ram
    Nvidia 6800gt 256mb gfx card.
    Hauppauge PVR 150 tuner.
    Soundblaster Live! cheapo soundcard.

    Any help would be great!

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    Re: Mythbuntu 7.10 wont boot from live cd

    1) Did you md5sum the download?

    2) Did you burn the iso at 4x or less?

    3) Did you check the check the cd for errors?
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    Re: Mythbuntu 7.10 wont boot from live cd

    Actually, its working now and Ihave installed the full thing I guess. Trying it out now. Thanks for the fast reply.

    One question that hopefully someone can answer please.

    I live in an apartment complex that uses as the cable provider. I had their satellite service for a while but became uninterested in it due to sometimes poor service and whatnot, so I went back to the free, basic setup that is provided. Now, this service is using a unique guide line-up that I can't seem to get right in either Vista MCE or with Tivo (they are supposedly working on it to get it right but it has been several weeks now.)

    Is there a way to edit the guide in this, or any other htpc software, by entering the channels along with the station and get the guide information correct? Or is there only pre-set guides out there? As it is now, I cannot setup record times or anything which pretty much defeats a big purpose of an dvr...

    zip code: 49509

    channel line-up:
    04 abc (wotv)
    05 fox
    06 pbs
    09 cable tv guide
    10 home shopping
    12 espn2
    14 nbc (wood)
    15 abc (xzzm)
    16 espnews
    17 tbs
    18 wtlj
    19 cbs (wwmt)
    20 qvc
    21 tv games
    22 sci-fi
    23 tbn
    24 cnn
    25 cspan
    26 cspan2
    27 abc family
    28 tv land
    29 tnt
    30 nfl
    31 nickelodeon
    32 cartoon network
    33 disney channel
    34 shop nbc
    35 the weather channel
    36 documentary channel
    37 cnn headline news
    38 cnbc
    40 reelz
    41 nasa
    42 espn
    43 mtv2
    44 cmtv
    45 mtv
    46 vh1
    47 comedy central
    48 e!
    49 hgtv
    50 usa
    51 mens outdoor & recreation
    52 healthy living channel
    53 spike tv
    54 lifetime
    55 a&e
    56 discovery
    57 hitn
    58 ewtn
    59 the learning channel
    60 history channel
    61 travel channel
    62 food network
    63 sst information
    64 community channel
    65 wxsp (my network tc)
    73 beauty & fashion
    74 angel one

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    Re: Mythbuntu 7.10 wont boot from live cd

    I personally don't know about changing the guide data around however I think it can be done. Does the company not use a transmitted guide?

    Anyway can I suggest you break the guide question out into a separate posting, as people who know about might not know about cd booting issues.


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