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Thread: Please post your Functional/Non Functional Hardware

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    Re: Please post your Functional/Non Functional Hardware

    Motherboard: ZOTAC GF6100-E-E AM3
    CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9150e
    RAM: ADATA Extreme Edition 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
    Video Card: Onboard NVIDIA GeForce 6100
    Sound Card: Onboard Audio
    HD: Samsung 830 Series 64GB SSD
    Remote: None (Use RII Mini Keyboard)
    Tuners: None (Frontend only)
    Country: United States (Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro area)
    TV provider: Comcast QAM
    TV signal type: Sceptre 32" Class LED 720p 60Hz HDTV E325BV-HD

    Fresh install of Mythbuntu 14.04 LTS as a frontend. Machine boots in 10 seconds with the SSD. I enabled noatime and discard options for the mounting of the SSD. Performance is excellent with little to no lag in bringing up recordings in menu. File system on SSD is EXT4.

    Master Backend:
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    Re: Please post your Functional/Non Functional Hardware

    HP envy-17-jo83ca and all I get is a blank screen I have turned off secure boot and intelsmart response technology could it be that its just the nvidea card that it is not happy with?
    I get to the install screen and then when I try a test drive all I get is a blank screen...

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    Cool Re: Please post your Functional/Non Functional Hardware


    : Intel DH77EB
    CPU: i3-3245, stepping level 9h
    RAM: 2.0 gb RAM (I might add more soon)
    HD: 3 TB Seagate, default partitioning I think.
    Video Card:
    handled by i3 CPU
    Sound: onboard sound
    Power supply: OCZ Fatal1ty 550 (the 2010 version, not the 2013/2014 version)
    Networking chips: works with motherboard's wired 82579v chip (10/100/1000).
    At present, I am using the Asus PCE-N15 (wireless PCI-Express x1, "N" capable).

    Other hardware and information:

    WRT-54GL with DD-WRT firmware (NOT "N" capable).
    Tuner: Silicon Dust HDHomerun Dual
    Antenna: home-built Grey-Hoverman
    Combining signal with 29.8 inch "T" shape copper wire (half-wave?) for RF channel 11
    Broadcasts: USA Free "Over-the-Air" (ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX/PBS)
    City: Louisville, KY USA
    Mythbuntu Version: 12.04.3 LTS
    This machine is both a front end and a back end, and there are no other "ends".

    Installation Notes:

    Hardware "in the box" detected first time, including wireless card -- very nice!

    Back end was not detected. In MythTV backend setup --> General, in the first screen of the "Host Address Backend Setup", for both "Local Backend" and "Master Backend" I had to type in the IP Address That's the address the WRT-54GL (or the DD-WRT firmware) gives this machine every bootup. On the next screen, ("TV format"), choose NTSC even though US television broadcasters use ATSC. This dialog needs to be updated in the backend setup. Setting up SchedulesDirect was pretty easy.

    Here are two entries from my hosts file: localhost mikes-htpc

    I'm not sure if Mythbuntu or I made that second entry, but mikes-htpc is the host name for my mythbuntu machine. Maybe the second line is only required if your host name is not "localhost". I don't know. I set the WRT-54GL to hand out addresses starting at, not

    At first, "Watch TV" could not be done a second time without rebooting the machine or shutting down and restarting the Mythbuntu back end. This cleared up without a reinstall -- I'm not sure what happened.

    An "N" capable router does not seem to be a requirement, but I am only running one tuner at a time.

    It looks like using both tuners at once is not possible out-of-the-box. Either in Mythbuntu or Mythbuntu + Windows MCE (watching two different channels on two PCs with a KVM switch) causes crashes and "tuner broken or not available" messages.

    Also, if you add joe, ncftp, Krusader file manager, and maybe a few other things (from my long experience with Mandrake/Mandriva) you will have a fine home/office machine as well. The "root" user is different, but it works just fine !


    In good weather, signal is very strong (basically 100%). In cloudy weather, signal strength and quality varies widely and frequently drops out. Am I too close to local transmitters? (they are on Knob Creek Hill, 4 to 4.2 miles LOS to house). My antennae are in the attic, 12 feet above ground.

    HD Homerun Dual DOES require more signal than my 40-inch Toshiba (40L-5200U) to get a perfect picture. This is a disadvantage of the Homerun.

    As mentioned above, using both tuners at once is not possible yet.

    But recording 1920 by 1080 is just fabulous. It is way better than the set-top box that died on me (Toshiba D-R550). That would only record OTA at regular DVD resolution. I have not tried Mythbuntu commercial-detection yet, or SAMBA (sharing my files over the network).

    I am not sure if the video playback is the same quality as it is with my Windows 7 box (it has a PCI-E Radeon 6770 with good drivers). I am using a 27-inch monitor. I have not burned any 1920x1080 MPEGs to disc and tried them on the 40-inch TV yet.
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    Re: Please post your Functional/Non Functional Hardware

    The most significant bit of my system is that I have a FULLY functional E-MU 0404 PCIe sound card.

    That means Audio In/Out and Midi In/Out at a latency level appropriate to "Live" playing. This includes driving Reason on My Mac, with the Midi piped from my Ubuntu box and the returning Audio also piped through the Ubuntu box. This took me a looooong time to achieve BTW and I came so close to adding this card to the "Non-Functional" list.
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    Re: Please post your Functional/Non Functional Hardware

    Alright here is mine:

    This is for a Frontend only. My backend is running asa a guest on my VMWare server in the basement.

    This system is for a bedroom machine. My main HTPC in the livingroom is running Windows 8.1 with XBMC and the MythTV PVR plugin (working on converting it to a Mythbuntu machine at some point, but it is tricky as I want to retain Netflix compatibility. I am not including system specs for the main rig, as it is running Windows and I have not tested it with Mythbuntu yet.

    As can be seen below, I raided my spare parts closet and built a rig with whatever I had laying around, hoping it would work, and I wouldn't have to spend any extra money.

    Motherboard: ASUS E35M1-M PRO
    CPU: Integrated into motherboard, AMD E350, low power 1.6GHz dual core bobcat. 18W TDP
    RAM: 2x4GB DDR3-1600 (running at 1333, as that is the most the motherboard/CPU supports)
    Video Card: Integrated in APU. AMD calls it the Radeon HD 6310
    Sound Card: Integrated Realtek ALC 887-VD2
    HD: OCZ Onyx 32GB SSD. (all real storage is on the backend, which utilizes a 28TB ZFS RAIDz2 array on another guest running FreeNAS linked internally to the backend using a virtual 10gig ethernet connection)
    Remote: Mythmote on Android phone (for now)
    Tuners: This is a frontend only system. Tuners on backend are Ceton InfiniTV 6 ETH.
    Country: USA
    TV provider: Verizon FiOS
    TV signal type: Umm, not sure. Whatever FiOS uses.
    Mythbuntu Version: 14.04


    I'm very impressed with this 3 year old low power system. Based on what some are saying it shouldn't be powerful enough, but it is a little trooper and handles the mpeg2 based 1080p TV streams just fine. It struggles with H264 / mpeg4 HD streams in my media library though. They play, but can become jumpy in high detail scenes with lots of movement. I expected this though (after all it's a 3 year old low power Atom competitor), and this machine is really mostly used for TV anyway.


    In order for this to work smoothly, I needed to enable VDPAU which some say is troublesome on Radeon chips. The trick appears to be to avoid the firegl closed source drivers and rely on the open source Mesa drivers. The VDPAU enabled MESA drivers are not included with ubuntu due to them adding an additional 8MB to the ISO, but IMHO, they really should be added, at least to the Mythbuntu release.

    In order to get this working I added the Oibaf PPA (read this Launchpad link, and follow instructions)

    I did have a weird problem upon a fresh install, in which MythFrontend would not load even after retrying the install a couple of times, which solved itself when I (on a whim) deleted the .MythTV folder in my home folder in order to reset all settings.

    I would probably recommend against buying an E-350 specially for MythTV based on it being marginal in power, especially for H264/Mpeg4, but if you are aware of it's limitations and have one in your closet (like I did) then it will do the job surprisingly well!

    Based on my experiences, I'd say maybe it is time we stop dissuading users from using Radeon hardware.
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    Laptop: HP Folio 9470m, Core i5-3427u, 8GB
    ESXi (FreeNAS + Mythbuntu): Dual Xeon L5640, 96GB RAM, 48TB

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    Re: Please post your Functional/Non Functional Hardware

    mobo and processor etc as per signature

    Worked out the box-

    1 x Hauppauge 2210
    1 x Hauppauge 2200
    GTS450 Nvidia
    MCE remote translated to Logitech i1000
    Logitech K800 wireless kb
    " M810 wireless mouse
    HDMI output inc. audio to Samsung E8000 tv.

    Doesn't work/problematic

    Mythtv freezes on video playback when using replay (sometimes)
    Brother MFC885CW printer - there seems to be no interface for connecting printers in Mythbuntu I'll do separate post on this.

    Cheers, Tony.
    Gigabyte Z68XUD43B i7 16gb ram 8.25tb 2x evo250pro &120 evo ssd's GTS450 HR2210 TBS 6205 quad T2 tuner 64-bit Mythbuntu/W8.1 dual boot BE/FE Silicondust homerun dual network tuner 55¨ Samsung ES8000
    Laptop Samsung Windows 8 64-bit/mint 16

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    Re: Please post your Functional/Non Functional Hardware

    My MythTV DVR build was a project to build a DVR from spare components and parts I already have and my attempt to have only ‘sweat equity’ in it – ie: no money investment. (I actually converted the Dell ‘slim’ desktop case by inserting spacers in the 4 sides to make the case tall enough for the Hauppauge full height cards.) So far total cost = $0.00!!!

    I have built the box with these components:
    Motherboard: Dell Optiplex 755
    CPU: Core2 Duo 7500 (2.93gHz)
    RAM: 4GB DDR2
    Video card: GigaByte GV-R435OC-512I -- Radeon HD 4350 with 512Mb ram (HDMI out)
    Sound Card: HDMI out through Video card
    Hard Drive: 1Tb Western Digital Hard Drive
    TV Tuner Cards: 2 Hauppauge HVR 1600s
    Lan: 100Mb on motherboard Static IP to network via Linksys WRT120n router (hard wired)*
    Location: Florida, USA
    TV Provider: OTA – ATSC via small outside antenna (distance to xmitters = 10 ~ 40 miles @ 280⁰ ~ 20⁰)
    Mythbuntu Version: 14.04 LTS (set up as Backend/Frontend and backend server for XBMC-KODI)
    Internet Provider: Comcast Xfinity 3Mb service
    Audio/Video output: HDMI to Yamaha Aventage RX-A800 receiver --> Sony KDL60EX500 TV (all of my Home Entertainment Components go through the Yamaha receiver)

    Other Home Theater Components:
    Phillips DVDR 3455H PVR, Insignia Blueray player, Dell Inspiron-3847 Home Theater Computer running Windows 8.1 with XBMC- KODI frontend (used for Amazon Prime and Netflix viewing and music server), and a Sony VHS recorder for the occasional video tape playing.
    *The MythTV computer, the HTPC and the Blueray player along with my office computer are all hard wired connected to the router with static IP addresses. Laptops, tablets and phones connect wirelessly.

    After several attempts (re-installs) to get the system running, I have finally gotten it to do most of my design requirements. I had problems with the HDMI not outputting after the receiver changing to another input, with Ubuntu not recognizing both of my Hauppauge cards every boot and problems with remote control with MythMote for my Android and also the IR receiver not working.

    A settings change corrected the HDMI trouble. I am working on the TV card issue trying to make changes in Grub to correct the problem. For now, I am recording one show at a time. The IR and MythMote problems are not a big worry as I am using a keyboard to navigate MythTV.

    The biggest challenge is going from being a Windows pro to a Linux newbe – trying to keep from using all of my Windows methods to quickly fix problems to learning how to do things in Linux. Once the Linux methods become natural to me, things will be much smoother. The support that Ubunbtu veterans have given me with trouble-shooting the problems has been great. Thanks muchly.
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    Re: Please post your Functional/Non Functional Hardware

    This is my first attempt at a dedicated combined front-end/back-end Mythbuntu setup. This Zotac ZBox ID 45 Plus is working well for OTA recording with the Silicondust HD Homerun Plus using the current Mythbuntu 14.04 version. I bought this used on Amazon for ~ $360 USD. I had 8Gb RAM available from my notebook upgrade, so that is what I used. If you'll be buying new, I recommend buying the bare-bones version and getting a larger HDD and 2 RAM cards to total 4GB or more memory. Use both RAM slots = faster RAM access.

    Product Name ZBOX ID45 Plus

    Chipset - Intel NM77 Express

    CPU Intel Core i3 3227U (dual-core, 1.9 GHz)
    Socket N/A (integrated CPU)

    Memory Type DDR3
    Memory Speed 1600 MHz
    Slots 2 x 204-pin SO-DIMM
    Capacity 4GB (up to 16GB)
    Expansion Slots N/A

    Video Card:
    GPU NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 w/2GB DDR3
    3D API
    DirectX DirectX 11.2 (feature level 11_0)
    OpenGL OpenGL 4.4

    Sound Card:
    onboard Audio
    Analog Stereo Output
    Digital 8-ch via HDMI

    mSATA Solid State Drive (OS) 60GB
    SATA Hard Drive (Files) 500GB 5400RPM HDD

    Remote: Logitech wireless keyboard k400

    Tuners: Silicondust HD Homerun Plus

    Other Information:
    Ethernet 2 x 10/100/1000Mbps
    WiFi 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0 - Intel Dual-Band 3160 802.11ac 1x1

    Optical Drive external USB generic DVD R/W
    Memory Card Reader 4-in-1 (MMC/SD/SDHC/SDXC)
    DVI 1 (dual-link)
    HDMI 1
    DisplayPort N/A
    SATA 2 (1 SATA 6.0 Gb/s, 1 mSATA 3.0 Gb/s)
    eSATA N/A
    IDE N/A
    PS2 N/A
    Serial Port N/A
    USB Ports 4 USB 3.0 (1 on top, 1 front, 2 on back panel)
    Firewire N/A
    Cooler Smartfan
    Form Factor
    Form Factor mini-PC
    OS Compatibility
    Windows User installed (Windows 7 and 8 ready) and Ubuntu/Mythbuntu
    SLI Supported N/A
    Maximum Resolution N/A
    Graphics Output 1 DVI / 1 HDMI supporting up to 4k resolution
    Content 1 x ZOTAC ZBOX ID45 Plus 2 x WiFi antenna 1 x VESA mount 4 x Mounting screws 1 x Stand 1 x DVI-to-VGA adapter 1 x AC adapter 1 x Power cord 1 x Warranty card 1 x User manual 1 x Quick Install Guide 1 x Driver disc

    Country: USA
    TV provider: OTA
    TV signal type: us-bcast
    Mythbuntu Version: 0.27+

    Picture quality is good using the Nvidia GeForce GT640 video card (UPDATE: Picture-in-picture with 2 simultaneous 1080p live-tv stations seems to cause stutter. Lesser resolutions not so much).
    This seems to make a good HTPC for me.

    Mythbuntu 14.04 version 0.27 setup notes for Zbox ID45

    Boot - use noapic boot option:
    F6 at boot menu (not needed for 14.04.2)
    Partition 60 GB SSD ext4 as root
    500 Gb HDD – JFS as /var/lib/mythtv – using JFS instead of ext4 eliminated playback judder.

    Disable tap-to-click on Logitech wireless keyboard 400k:
    Fn+left-click (keyboard not OS dependent)

    Fix DVD error message: “failed to open device /dev/dvd” (bug #1323777)
    Frontend Menu: Setup>Media Settings>Video Settings>DVD Drive
    change: /dev/dvd to /dev/sr0
    Note: bug fixed in systemd (208-7ubuntu4) utopic

    Fix missing network icon in taskbar
    In Terminal
     sudo gedit /etc/xdg/autostart/nm-applet.desktop
    Go down to Exec line and change the entry from:
    nm-applet to dbus-launch nm-applet
    Save the file and reboot.
    (This made it trivially easy to manage the wireless card; i.e. change WiFi networks)
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    System76 Serval Pro 7: Ubuntu 14.04; Dell Latitude D800: Lubuntu 14.04; Zotac Z-Box ID45: Mythbuntu 14.04 with MythTV 0.27

    Ubuntu problems?

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    Re: Please post your Functional/Non Functional Hardware

    Low power Mythtv frontend / backend combo. Processor has a TDP of 10 watts. I used the Cooler Master HAF 912 case and used two Thermaltake 200mm fans to cool. I installed two PCI-Express SIL3132 SATA II Raid controler cards (2 port) since motherboard only comes with 2 SATA ports. The SSD has the OS installed (EXT4 file system) and the recordings are on 4 separate mechanical hard drives (XFS file systems). The power supply used is a Corsair CX430.

    Motherboard: Asrock Q1900M
    CPU: Intel Celeron J1900 Quad Core
    RAM: G.Skill 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600)
    Video Card: Onboard Intel
    Sound Card: N/A (Audio via HDMI)
    HD: Silicon Power Slim S60 120GB Sata III SSD,Seagate 2TB drive, 2 X SAMSUNG 2TB 5400 RPM SATA, WD Green WD40EZRX 4TB SATA drive
    Remote: Microsoft MCE
    Tuners: HDHR Prime X 2
    Country: United States (Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro area)
    TV provider: Comcast QAM
    TV signal type: HDTV (Panasonic VIERA TC-P42X1)

    Fresh install of Mythbuntu 14.04 LTS as a master backend/frontend. Migrated recordings from backup of older Mythbuntu 12.04 LTS machine.

    Machine boots in 10 seconds with the SSD. CPU load of mythfrontend playback is about 10 to 14% with VAAPI enabled. Load of Mythbackend is about 20 to 29% when all tuners are active. I had to unmute the SPDIF output in alsamixer to enable sound for HDMI.
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    Re: Please post your Functional/Non Functional Hardware

    Low power Mythtv frontend. I set it up using a bootable 1 GB USB drive imaged with Mythbuntu 14.04.1 (Pendrive Linux Universal installer) and let the Mythbuntu do the default partitioning of the 32gb eMMC drive.

    Motherboard: ECS Liva 32GB
    CPU: Intel Bay Trail-M Celeron N2807
    RAM: 2GB onboard RAM
    Video Card: Onboard Intel
    Sound Card: N/A (Audio via HDMI)
    HD: On Board 32GB eMMC drive
    Remote: Rii Mini Keyboard / Mouse Combo
    Tuners: None
    Country: United States (Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro area)
    TV provider: Comcast QAM
    TV signal type: HDTV


    Machine boots in 15 - 20 seconds with the on board 32GB eMMC drive. CPU load of mythfrontend playback is about 10 to 25% with VAAPI enabled. I had to unmute the SPDIF output in alsamixer to enable sound for HDMI.

    Did software upgrade / tweeks as noted here:

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