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"freedom" ( !=power, by the way)
You're absolutely wrong about that. I'd love to explain why, but that's getting way off topic.

2) It's open source software. The only barrier to doing anything you want to it/with it is your own level of knowledge. No Ubuntu developer can "tyrannize" you by offering a feature which you don't like.
Well, there you go. No dev can tyranize me, because I have power
The devs *can* tyranize Joe Desktop, though, because Joe Desktop doesn't know his CLI from his CIA. Speaking out against loss of freedom doesn't necessarily mean it's *my* freedom that's at stake.

Anyone who can complain about the "tyranny" of Linux developers and still take themselves seriously needs to think really hard about what real tyranny looks like, and then compare the two.
Tyranny is a quality, not a quantity.