Hello: I am currently running Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS (Dapper Drake) on a Pentium 4 box ... It's showing it's age, and I'm considering building another (replacement) computer. Money (within reason) really isn't an issue. I also have two other computers (networked - home LAN), both running Windows 2000. One of these is my wife's, the other is mine (shared with a KVM switch with my Linux box, that is my *main* computer).

Ideally, I would like t replace all three with one fast, powerful computer, running the latest (stable) version of Ubuntu, with a thin client or equivalent set up for my wife. That is, I would give her a monitor & keyboard, and possibly a hard drive if necessary, but give her a user account on my computer. That way, I'd only have one computer, Ubuntu-based. I'm not sure how I would set that up, however.

Also, I'm not currently set up with a wireless router, etc., although my intention was to go wireless (if possible), on my next build. I would also have to transfer my old profile (whatever it's called), settings, etc., from my old Linux computer to my new one (again, I'm not sure how to go about this).

I'd like to have at least two *large* capacity hard drives, with one dedicated to backups (I'm currently using rsnapshot, a rsync-based backup solution).

That's about it - I want something fast and powerful, and to simplify my life (from three computers to one, with a shared terminal). Oh yes, I like to record television shows onto my hardrives; I had been doing this using MythTV, but after each kernel update it got screwed up, and it never worked properly, so I switched to Freeveo (v. hard to set up - i.e. configure properly), but very stable. I'm using a Hauppauge PVR-500 (dual-TV tuner) card, although Freevo can only use one (i.e., acts like a PVR-150).

I'd appreciate your specific suggestions - I'm just beginning to think of doing this, and as I'd probably have the system for some years, I'd like plan, prepare, and get it "right!"

Thanks in advance for your suggestions! Greg