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Thread: is there a Seveas gutsy repository ? i can't find one

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    Question is there a Seveas gutsy repository ? i can't find one

    is there a Seveas gutsy repository ? i can't find one

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    Re: is there a Seveas gutsy repository ? i can't find one

    There are not Seveas packages right now for gutsy.

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    Re: is there a Seveas gutsy repository ? i can't find one

    if you are looking to get nx free server running on gutsy, you can just download the deb's from

    follow directions cited there.
    # sudo dpkg -i nxclient_3.0.0-84_i386.deb
    # sudo dpkg -i nxnode_3.0.0-88_i386.deb
    # sudo dpkg -i nxserver_3.0.0-74_i386.deb

    worked for me using Kubuntu 7.10

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    Re: is there a Seveas gutsy repository ? i can't find one

    is the seveas gutsy repo coming? Or is there any other repo who offers freenx for gutsy?

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    Re: is there a Seveas gutsy repository ? i can't find one

    yes i need this also freenx. no repo for gutsy ????

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    Re: is there a Seveas gutsy repository ? i can't find one

    The following is from a post I found.
    It was originally a nice pdf file, but it was a few k too large to attach.
    I don't know if it works, I haven't had time to try it out, but the comments I read said that it did work.

    FreeNX Manual Installation How-To
    In light of my own difficulties installing FreeNX and the lack of a concise step-by-step guide, I
    decided to write one. The following is the sum total of several weeks of experimenting, failing,
    reformatting, starting over, reloading and starting over again.
    Disclaimer: I make no guarantee that this is the right, or even the only way to install FreeNX
    and the accompanying NX libraries. All of my experience is with the Centos 4 and Centos 5
    Linux distributions so please take the differences of your distro into account when following
    these instructions. I am not responsible if you happen to screw up and break something. You
    should always test new software on a non-production server that can be easily sacrificed to a
    reformat if things go terribly wrong. This howto is based on FreeNX 0.7.1 and the 3.0.0 NX
    I cannot begin a FreeNX how-to without first saying thanks to Fabian Franz for his work making
    FreeNX a reality.
    You will need the following NX pieces from
    These procedures should be performed as root. We will start the procedure by creating an nx
    directory under /usr/src.
    [server ]# mkdir /usr/src/nx
    [server ]# cd /usr/src/nx
    Now we download the pieces from nomachine:
    [server ]# wget
    [server ]# wget
    [server ]# wget
    These files should be extracted to the /usr directory.
    [server ]# cd /usr
    [server ]# tar –xzf /usr/src/nx/nxserver-3.0.0-74.i386.tar.gz
    [server ]# tar –xzf /usr/src/nx/nxclient-3.0.0-84.i386.tar.gz
    [server ]# tar –xzf /usr/src/nx/nxnode-3.0.0-88.i386.tar.gz
    This will create the /usr/NX/ and the appropriate subfolders with the various files in the
    appropriate places.
    Now we download and compile the libraries:
    First we switch back to our staging area in the /usr/src folder then download and compile.
    [server ]# cd /usr/src/nx
    [server ]# wget
    [server ]# tar -xzf nxcomp-3.0.0-48.tar.gz
    [server ]# cd nxcomp
    [server ]# ./configure
    [server ]# make
    [server ]# cp --preserve* /usr/NX/lib
    [server ]# cd ..
    (The --preserve flag to cp is necessary to keep the symlinks as symlinks)
    The nxcompext library requires some X11 libraries to be on your system. Under Centos 5 the
    headers and libraries are in a couple of different places. Not being an expert at compiling
    software I came up with a way to pass the appropriate options to the configure script rather than
    editing the makefile after configure. Take not3 of the following configure line the following
    block and modify it for your distribution as needed. If nxcompext doesn’t compile and
    complaines of missing files, use locate to find them and change the paths passed to configure.
    [server ]# wget
    [server ]# tar -xzf nxcompext-3.0.0-18.tar.gz
    [server ]# cd nxcompext
    [server ]# ./configure --x-includes="/usr/include/xorg -I/usr/include/X11"
    [server ]# make
    [server ]# cp --preserve* /usr/NX/lib
    [server ]# cd ..
    Note: Before Building nxcompext on Centos 5 I had to make a modification to NXlib.c before I
    could run the make command. I had to add:
    #define _XGetIOError(dpy) \
    (dpy -> flags & XlibDisplayIOError)
    between #include MD5.h and #define PANIC, otherwise this line will show up in my
    nxserver logfile and I would be unable to connect:
    /usr/NX/bin/nxagent: symbol lookup error: /usr/NX/lib/ undefined
    symbol: _XGetIOError
    You may or may not need to add this line on your distribution, but you won’t know until you
    build and test.
    The nxcomshad library is next:
    [server ]# wget
    [server ]# tar -xzf nxcompshad-3.0.0-19.tar.gz
    [server ]# cd nxcompshad
    [server ]# ./configure
    [server ]# make
    [server ]# cp --preserve* /usr/NX/lib
    [server ]# cd ..
    If you will be using the audio redirection to the client machine you will need the NX sound server
    libraries. If you do not care about audio redirection you can skip this block.
    [server ]# wget
    [server ]# tar -xzf nxesd-3.0.0-4.tar.gz
    [server ]# cd nxesd
    [server ]# make
    [server ]# make install
    [server ]# cd ..
    Now that we have all the libraries built and put where they are supposed to go, we’ll download
    the FreeNX packages and install them. Note the “patch” command. The patch must be applied if
    you are using the /usr/NX directory structure that the nomachine libs expect.
    [server ]# wget
    [server ]# tar -xzf freenx-0.7.1.tar.gz
    [server ]# cd freenx-0.7.1
    [server ]# patch -p0 < gentoo-nomachine.diff
    [server ]# cp -f nxkeygen /usr/NX/bin/
    [server ]# cp -f nxloadconfig /usr/NX/bin/
    [server ]# cp -f nxnode /usr/NX/bin/
    [server ]# cp -f nxnode-login /usr/NX/bin/
    [server ]# cp -f nxserver /usr/NX/bin
    [server ]# cp -f nxsetup /usr/NX/bin
    [server ]# cp -f nxcups-gethost /usr/NX/bin
    One piece of the FreeNX package needs to be compiled so we do that now:
    [server ]# cd nxserver-helper
    [server ]# make
    Now that that piece is compiled we continue copying things where they need to go and making a
    few symlinks. Note that some of these are distro-specific and may need to be adjusted for your
    [server ]# cp -f nxserver-helper /usr/NX/bin/
    [server ]# cd ..
    [server ]# ln -s /usr/NX/bin/nxserver /usr/bin/nxserver
    [server ]# ln -s /usr/NX/bin/nxsetup /usr/sbin/nxsetup
    [server ]# ln -s /usr/NX/bin/nxloadconfig /usr/sbin/nxloadconfig
    [server ]# ln -s /usr/NX/lib/ /usr/NX/lib/
    [server ]# ln -s /usr/NX/bin/nxagent /usr/NX/bin/nxdesktop
    [server ]# ln -s /usr/NX/bin/nxagent /usr/NX/bin/nxviewer
    [server ]# ln -s /usr/bin/foomatic-ppdfile /usr/lib/cups/driver/foomatic-ppdfile
    [server ]# ln -s /etc/X11/xinit /etc/X11/xdm
    [server ]# ln -s /sbin/mount.cifs /sbin/smbmount
    [server ]# ln -s /sbin/umount.cifs /sbin/smbumount
    At this point you would normally run nxsetup --install and complete the installation. On Centos
    5, however, you need to make some modifications to /usr/NX/bin/nxsetup before you can
    continue. These may not be appropriate changes and I take no responsibility if they break
    For my nxsetup to complete successfully I had to edit /usr/NX/bin/nxsetup and comment out all
    of the
    [ -f /etc/nscd.conf ] && { nscd --invalidate group; }
    lines. After completeing all of these steps your NX setup should be complete and functional.
    NOTE: On multi-monitor systems the nxclient will not display rootless mode windows properly
    unless they are run on the primary monitor of the video card used to boot the system. This is not
    to be confused with the monitor designated as Primary under the XP/Vista display properties.
    What NX considers the primary monitor and what the OS considers the primary monitor are two
    very different things. Some research on the nomachine site leads me to believe that this behavior
    is due to the fact that the Windows NoMachine client contains pieces of the Window version of
    the X.Org server, and the X.Org server does not currently handle multiple monitors correctly
    when running under a Microsoft OS.
    I hope this how-to helps others avoid some of the confusion I encountered during my initial foray
    into the wonderful world FreeNX.

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    Re: is there a Seveas gutsy repository ? i can't find one

    this is a workaround for freenx. just follow this link

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    Re: is there a Seveas gutsy repository ? i can't find one

    If anyone is interested, I have Ubuntu packages for a working version of FreeNX 0.7.1. Everything is quite good with only a config file change you can have unlimited sessions on your machine and RDP proxy using rdesktop. The free version of !M server only allows 2 sessions max. I have found this to be limiting at times. Especially if you are trying to setup a server. Plus it runs with the latest NX 3.0 backend and client. I have working versions compiled for gutsy on x86_64 and i386. If anyone needs other dist packages, please let me know and I'll start a VM to build one.

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    Smile Re: is there a Seveas gutsy repository ? i can't find one

    @daflame: I'm very intrested in it - I'm searching packages for 0.7.1 a long time without results.

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    Re: is there a Seveas gutsy repository ? i can't find one


    I need to get FreeNX back up an running on my gutsy box. I've been struggling (unsucessfully so far), trying to build my own.

    Where do we find your packages?

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