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Thread: Sudden Wubi Problem :-(

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    Angry Sudden Wubi Problem :-(


    I have been ecstatic with the stability of my Feisty Fawn Wubi install I really hope it gets bundled with Gutsy Gibbon

    But, today I ran into a problem. After turning on my Dell XPS M140 and booting into Ubuntu it would hang then after a few minutes bring me to the Debian BusyBox shell with the following error
    /bin/sh: can't access tty: job control turned off
    A few days ago I managed to get Compiz-Fusion along with Emerald Themes to boot up, which is the only major alteration I have made to system files.

    I know that Wubi can get temperamental when performing a hard restart, which I may have unwittingly done again, albeit indirectly. I had stuffed my laptop into my bookbag when leaving my house today, and apparently it was low on battery and still on. By the time I got around to opening it up, it was dead and extremely hot. It is after this that I found out that Ubuntu wasn't booting properly.

    I booted into M$ XP command and ran chkdsk /F on a reboot, then rebooted twice to get back into Ubuntu, but it resulted in the same problem.

    Can anyone help me please?

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    Re: Sudden Wubi Problem :-(

    If you have an original MS cd try to run chkdisk from there. Also check the logs in /tmp/zenigata.log, look for lines that mention mounting of /media/host.


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