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Thread: Wubi slowdown or freeze

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    Question Wubi slowdown or freeze

    I have tried to use Wubi several times on my laptop, with little success. Most of the time I can successfully install Wubi, but when I attempt to use Ubuntu it runs so slowly that it takes more than half an hour to get past the login screen. I have tried installing Ubuntu and Xubuntu with the same results, although the most recent attempt with Xubuntu resulted in normal use for about five minutes before it slowed to a crawl, which continued for all subsequent boots. It runs so slow that it hangs up if I try to start any program.

    There may be some hardware conflicts, since my laptop is an off-brand with less common hardware and drivers. I have installed Ubuntu 6.06 on it in the past, although I did have some trouble with the install. However, the recent experience with normal use on Xubuntu makes me think it may not be a purely hardware problem. Any thoughts anyone?

    My laptop's stats:
    1.6 GHz processor (2800+ AMD Sempron)
    480 MB RAM
    Windows XP SP2
    80 GB HD

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    Re: Wubi slowdown or freeze

    It might be an issue with the hard disk driver. If you run some benchmarks/check resource utilization it might be easier to spot the problem


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