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Thread: Ubuntuzilla testing: please help if you can :)

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    Ubuntuzilla testing: please help if you can :)

    I have initiated the use of CVS for revision control for ubuntuzilla. So, you can get the latest "beta" versions of ubuntuzilla out of the ubuntuzilla module on CVS
    just pull the latest version, tagged "HEAD".

    anyone who can spare some time to play around with the beta versions on, say, on a livecd (so as to avoid potential mishaps with your production system).

    once the "beta" has seen and passed some testing, i will tag it with a release-version tag, and post the release on the file release servers.

    note that if you just want the stable release and don't want to help with testing, you should just visit the Ubuntuzilla project site and get the stable release from there.

    i will post messages to this thread when a new beta is available, so that you will know when and what to test.
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