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Thread: Mac Mini Core Duo 1.66Ghz for sale

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    Mac Mini Core Duo 1.66Ghz for sale

    ### SOLD! ### finally got my Fujitsu Siemens "Amilo Pi1505", Linux Mint, and my freedom back again!. All I got to do now, is work out why Apple products are so flipping expensive, and why the pollute the environment so much, needlessly!. Come on Steve - we may have more disposable income in 2007, but we ain't STUPID dude!.

    Here is what I had and lost (tears are absent - I learned my lessons!):

    MacBook (£900?!?! WTF?!)
    iMac C2D 20" (ANOTHER £900+; *DOUBLE* wtf?!!)
    Mac Mini; cheapest of the lot @ £399, but 512Mb Ram??.... you Apple guys are taking the p*** (and almost being stupid enough to fall for the whole "ooh we can charge you £20 to upgrade the RAM for you, Sirrr" BS melarkey... uhmm no thanks guys, managed that one on my own, no thanks to the sheer stupidity of making a computer SO very tiresome to get inside/easy to scratch while doing the upgrade.

    Summary: Apple products - very good looking, VERY stable and VERY aesthetically appealing... but I met a lot of "elite upper class" types upon my Mac travels, and I'd gladly forfeit the ease of use, for good old fashioned, honesty and down-to-earth hacker ethos, ANY DAY!. Whatever else is said, don't forget GNU/Linux, when you buy your first planet, Mr Steve Jobs!.

    Nice stuff, but too expensive/elite, and you get the whole fanboy parade on your case at the drop of a hat!.
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