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Thread: HOWTO: Joost (with sound)

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    Post HOWTO: Joost (with sound)

    You need to recompile wine for this to work, and it takes a while. If you're afraid of doing this, you probably want to stop now.

    This is for Ubuntu 7.04

    First you need to get a few things ready for the install:

    first and foremost, download a copy of the most recent Joost program from Joost

    open Synaptic, click on "Settings --> Repositories" Click on the "3rd Party Tab" click "Add" at the bottom. In the box that comes up, type this (or copy it):
    deb-src feisty main
    Click "Ok" and then close the settings window. After the popup that comes up, telling you that you need to hit the "Reload" button, hit the "Reload" button. Close synaptic.

    In a console, type:
    sudo apt-get build-dep wine
    Now we're going to get the build things. You don't need this step if you've compiled things before:
    sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) build-essential
    Answer Y to any prompts that come up. (Thanks to foureight84 for suggesting $(uname -r))

    Now get some dependencies:
    sudo apt-get install fakeroot libasound2-dev libaudiofile-dev libesd0-dev libaudio-dev libcapi20-dev liblcms1-dev libcupsys2-dev libsane-dev libhal-dev libdbus-1-dev freeglut3-dev libc6-dev libexpat1-dev libfontconfig1-dev libfreetype6-dev libgcrypt11-dev libglib1.2-dev libglib2.0-dev libgpg-error-dev libice-dev libieee1284-3-dev libjpeg62-dev libldap2-dev libltdl3-dev libmad0-dev libmng-dev libncurses5-dev libogg-dev libopencdk8-dev libpng12-dev libqt3-mt-dev libsm-dev libusb-dev libvorbis-dev libx11-dev libxcursor-dev libxext-dev libxft-dev libxi-dev libxml2-dev libxmu-dev libxrandr-dev libxrender-dev libxslt1-dev libxt-dev libxv-dev render-dev unixodbc-dev x-dev zlib1g-dev xlibs-dev libxxf86dga-dev libxxf86vm-dev libjack0.100.0-dev libicu34-dev libungif4-dev libssl-dev
    Now make a working directory:
    mkdir wine-src
    cd wine-src
    and get the Wine source:
    apt-get source wine
    now cd into the directory that was just created by apt:
    cd wine-0.9.39~winehq0~ubuntu~7.04
    and run this command to download the patches necessary to run Joost: (I'm hosting these patches, because they're easire to get this way, rather than from the appdb site)
    now we need to patch using the files we downloaded:
    patch -p1 < patch2.patch
    patch -p1 < patch3.patch
    patch -p1 < patch4.patch
    patch -p1 < patch5.patch
    patch -p1 < patch6.patch
    patch -p1 < patch7.patch
    patch -p1 < patch8.patch
    and now that we've patched everything (everything should have gone smoothly) type:
    dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -b
    This will take a LONG time (an hour or so)

    after it's done, assuming no errors,
    cd ..
    and install:
    sudo dpkg -i wine_0.9.39~winehq0~ubuntu~7.04-1_i386.deb
    after that's done, type:
    Make sure that "Windows XP appears in the dropdown on the first page at the bottom. If it doesn't, select it.
    Next click on the audio tab. Make sure that only "OSS Driver" is checked. At the bottom, turn DirectSound Hardware Acceleration to "Emulated" and check the checkbox that says "Driver Emulation"
    Now go into the graphics tab, and check "Emulate a virtual desktop" and enter a size of 800x600. Uncheck "Allow the window manager to control windows"
    Click "Apply" then "Ok"

    Now to install joost:
    cd Desktop
    wine JoostSetup-FriendsEdition-0.10.4.exe
    and follow the prompts

    To start Joost type:
    cd ~/.wine/c_drive/"Program Files"/Joost
    Then to start joost, type:
    wine xulrunner/tvprunner.exe application.ini
    If you don't like all those 'fixme' errors, which mean nothing to most people, run the command like this:
    WINEDEBUG=fixme-all wine xulrunner/tvprunner.exe application.ini
    It may take a couple of minutes, but you should eventually see a splash then a login window. Note that if you need to create a username (not an account, but a name associated with an email), you need to do that. When you click OK after doing what it says, you will just see in red letters "true" appear. It will not progress, but this is Ok, joost still got the info. Click Cancel, then type the name you just created.

    You should now have Joost up and running. (Troubleshooting section at bottom)

    === METHOD 2 === GIT ===

    This is a secondary method, using git to get the latest and greatest wine (which is not dependent upon a repo). We get the latest code (which might be unstable) and patch it. It is also faster when upgrading, as the files that are unchanged do not need to be recompiled.

    WARNING: This method uses code snapshots, WHICH MAY BE UNSTABLE. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    Step 1:
    First, download and install git (note that the version that is in the apt repo for dapper will NOT work; it's too old)
    sudo apt-get install cogito
    NOTE: If you try and download the program "git" from the apt repo, it will cause problems. It is not the same git we need.

    Make and go into the wine-src folder under home.
    mkdir wine-src
    cd wine-src
    Use git to fetch the latest wine-source, then go into the directory.
    git clone git:// wine-git
    cd wine-git
    The git command will take a while. Just go grab something to eat while you wait.

    Use wget to download the patches: (As of 0.9.37 patch1.patch is no longer required, however all of the others are.)
    Apply patches:
    patch -p1 < patch2.patch
    patch -p1 < patch3.patch
    patch -p1 < patch4.patch
    patch -p1 < patch5.patch
    patch -p1 < patch6.patch
    patch -p1 < patch7.patch
    patch -p1 < patch8.patch
    Commit patches to our branch.
    git commit -a
    Vi(m) will come up (which I hate) and you will need to know a few commands.
    All command sequences start with a colon (Shift+. They end when you press enter.
    To exit, use "quit" if you've changed something and want to quit without saving, use "quit!"
    To save, use the command "write"

    For the commits, uncomment the names of all of the first set of files. (they should all end with ".c")

    Make wine.
    make depend && make
    This will take a long time.

    Uninstall any previous versions of wine
    If you used the instructions above, type
    sudo dpkg remove wine
    If you used apt to install wine, type
    sudo apt-get remove wine
    If you installed from source, cd into that directory, and type
    sudo make uninstall

    Install the new version of wine.
    sudo make install
    Check that wine was installed correctly
    wine --version
    This should show something like 'wine-0.9.37-g8d159b7'

    Continue by using the instructions above to install and run Joost.

    How to use git to update the source (and save a lot of time recompiling):
    git fetch
    git rebase origin
    Run make again:
    make depend && make
    This shouldn't take long, as most of the files are unchanged.

    sudo make install
    Troubleshooting common problems (FAQ):
    Q) Video doesn't work
    A) If you have an nVidia card, try installing the latest beta drivers (for an x86: (Thanks to georgie for that answer)
    For a tutorial: Syosoft)
    Also, if you use Beryl, set it to metacity, it will run better.
    A2) Make sure that "Virtual Desktop" is checked, with a resoulution of 800x600. In more recent versions, unchecking Virtual Desktop (so NONE of the options are checked) sometimes works (and sometimes doesn't). It will play in fulscreen if it works, but can freeze if it doesn't. If it freezes, just hit Ctrl+Alt+Backspace and it will restart GDM (but you'll loose any work you may have done in the background.

    Q) Sound doesn't work:
    A) In winecfg, under the audio tab, try selecting different drivers; one should work. Also, make sure that "Hardware Acceleration" is set to Emulation, and not any of the other options. Also try checking the box that says "Emulate Sound driver)

    Q) It won't start.
    A) Go into a console and type 'wine --version' If it says anything less than 0.9.36 (if you've done it recently it should say 0.9.37) then you haven't installed your new wine, or an older version is taking control. Type "sudo apt-get remove wine" and then cd into your wine directory, and and install using the directions above. Then when you type 'wine --version' it should come up with 0.9.37. If it says that and still won't run, make sure you've patched everything (patches 2-8). If it says 'cannot find wine' then just cd into your source directory, and install using the instructions above.

    Q) Fonts don't work.
    A) Try running this:
    sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts
    (Thanks methane)
    If that doesn't work, after installing msttcorefonts, run the command:
    cp /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts/* ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts/
    (Thanks tetralis)

    Q) Should I use sudo when running wine?
    A) Never.

    Q) What should I do if Joost is using all my CPU?
    Quote Originally Posted by javaJake View Post
    If anyone gets stuck with Joost running with this bug, especially after installation, run "killall -KILL tvprunner.exe" - it's the only way you'll get it to close.

    For more information, visit these links:

    So, to sum up, this bug is known about already, but cannot be fixed without dramatic patches.
    *** CHANGELOG ***
    May 11, 2007: Initaial Revision
    May 12, 2007: Added git method, updated to reflect newest version of wine.
    May 14, 2007: Added ./configure to git method because of a suggestion. Also added Troubleshooting/FAQ section.
    May 16, 2007: Fixed linux-headers section.
    May 20, 2007: Added more info to troubleshooting.
    May 22, 2007: More info added.
    May 24, 2007: Joost has been updated! Brought tutorial up to speed.
    May 26, 2007: See message at the top.
    June 3, 2007: Changed to reflect Version 0.9.38 of wine.
    June 9, 2007: Updated to reflect Joost 0.10.4
    June 12, 2007: Added method to get rid of 'fixme' errors.
    June 16, 2007: Removed link at top to invites; no more left.
    June 18, 2007: Updated to reflect version 0.9.39 of wine in repo.
    June 25, 2007: Minor typos corrected; clarified instructions.
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