Like Linux, Like Ubuntu, now the NU Ubuntu Team is now Open!

Open Team: Any user can join and no approval is required.

In the past users had to be added by an admin, which went great, we have:

There are 58 direct members of the "NU Ubuntu Team" team, and 224 people are members in total, directly and indirectly through other team memberships.
I have decided to make the membership open, now you don't have to ask anybody for approval to join, you simple join. (like-wise if you decide you want to unjoin, you have complete control to do that also).

I hope this makes The NU Ubuntu Team as a "Regional" Ubuntu LoCo team more accesible and user friendly for all.

So if you would like to Join, Please do:

Most importantly check the member list for State and City teams in our region, simply click on their name like the:

Ubuntu Maine-iacs

Simply click on their name to join up, life could not be easier, have fun with Ubuntu and enjoy the NU Ubuntu Team and enjoy Ubuntu, Enjoy your State and City Teams also:

here is a complete list of LoCo Teams affiliated with the NU Ubuntu "Regional" Team consortium:

Connecticut Local Team
DCTeam LoCo
Pennsylvania - US LoCo Team
Pittsburgh Ubuntu User Group
Ubuntu Maine-iacs
Ubuntu NY LoCo Team
Ubuntu United States - NJ
Ubuntu United States MA
Ubuntu Virginia LoCo Team

Here is their LoCo Teams forums also:

Connecticut Team
Washington DC Team - US
Pennsylvania Team - US
Pittsburgh Ubuntu User Group-forum to come soon?
Ubuntu-Maine-iacs-forum to come soon.
New York - US
New Jersey Team - US
Massachusetts Team-forum to come soon?
Virginia Team - US

Please join the LoCo teams for your State/City, if there isn't one start one....

Please visit the forums for your LoCo Team in your state/city and again if there isn't one start a LoCo team and send Ubuntu-Geek for a request for a forum.

Also please note that if your State/City LoCo Team is already a part of the NU Ubuntu Team consortium, you are automatically a member of the NU Ubuntu Team, but if you want to join as an individual member, please do so:

or add yourself here:

most important remember to have fun!

Also I encourage not only state LoCo teams but also City Teams also, even Borough Teams....just keep in mind that the City and Borough Teams, much like the Regional teams may not be designated with "Official" status but that is not needed to be effective in your community and to have fun with your fellow Ubuntu users in your City, County, Borough, or Neighborhood.