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    Psychocats Tutorials Updates

    For New Users:
    The Psychocats site is a great site for new users to explore. It uses a combination of terminal commands and screenshot-heavy point-and-click tutorials to help get you up and running with Ubuntu, and it addresses many common questions and problems newcomers have when starting with Ubuntu.

    Psychocats isn't intended to compete with other documentation sites. Its goal is to give a uniform look and feel for several key tutorials and, more importantly, not to overwhelm or confuse new users with too many tutorials in hard-to-find places. Each tutorial addresses a common Ubuntu question, and all the internal links are on the sidebar.

    If you're interested in a more comprehensive set of tutorials, especially ones aimed at advanced or intermediate use (or just anything not covered on my site--for example, how to use ndiswrapper), you may want to check out the Tutorials & Tips section of these forums, or the official community-maintained documentation.

    For Other Users:
    Thank you for all your help so far!

    Users on these forums have caught typos and other errors and kept me abreast of changes in versions of software I don't use (e.g. Songbird). Some users have even contributed whole paragraphs to the Psychocats tutorials, and I've tried to credit them appropriately.

    Working with Psychocats:
    I've had numerous requests asking if people can link to or translate the Psychocats Ubuntu website. The answer is yes. You can link to Psychocats without asking my permission. If you want to translate Psychocats Ubuntu, you may do that as well (please let me know, though--I'm just curious to know what's going on), and I encourage spreading the knowledge. I haven't officially licensed the documentation, but the closest I've found to what I'd say embodies the spirit with which I'm giving Psychocats Ubuntu to the community is the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license . If you would like to mirror Psychocats, you may do so, but please send me a link to the mirrored site, so I can know to refer people there also.

    Future Updates and Feedback:
    If you have any constructive criticism, please leave it in this thread. I'll be checking back from time to time. I devote a lot of time to the Ubuntu community and to these forums, especially, but this is not my main job. So go ahead and leave any suggestions you may have, but I may not get around to implementing them right away (or at all, depending on how good the suggestion is).

    If the Psychocats website has helped you, you can post that here, too. It's always good to know what people have found helpful, and which pages are most frequently used by people.
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