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Thread: How To Install E-sword with wine

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    Re: How To Install E-sword with wine

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemuel111 View Post
    I've tried to follow the various threads for installation but still have having no success with the search function. I'm using the current edition of Wine as I have not been able to install Wine 1.0.1. Any help much appreciated.
    What version of Ubuntu are you using?

    I don't think Wine 1.0.1 is available anymore. It looks like 1.0.4 is the default install for Ubuntu 12.04.

    I think maybe the original solution in Post 1 is outdated. See posts 804,805, and Post 809 above.

    I recommend deleting E-Sword if you used the installer script. Make sure all instances of E-Sword are deleted in /home/user. If not, manually delete them. I also recommend deleting all instances of wine in /home/user. Then remove Wine.

    1. Reinstall Wine (Probably Wine 1.4)
    2. Set up winecfg and winetricks as recommended in post 804. Winetricks can be tricky. You may have to do it twice.

    3. Then manually install E-Sword which is available from the e-Sword website.
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