Hi there people. Im doing a little search for a project that I have on my hands, so after seeing my possibilities I have been atracted to the actual accessibility technologies (some like state of the art) specially the ones related to the GUI interaction, so far so good, I have found the following things

I haven't been able to understand the exact role, usage and on what depend for each of this, and how it affect the system by parts and in the whole picture.

So, this are the ones I have found, like you see, they are more related to the accesibility of an application related to the interaction with the user.

So I have some questions:

  • how is http://live.gnome.org/GAP/ related to this projects? (this is the central place to start?)
  • how is ubuntu a11i team related to the above project
  • What thing is the root of all this applications listed? there is no root? is atk? if so, where I can find the "official" atk bindings for python (I think I need to know closely the root for do what I want)
  • If Im gona do an app that use accesibility for GUI, what of the above is the recommendation, should I start somewhere?

Also I like to know what is now on this projects the status of them, for example from what I see from http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/

So like you see, I dont know if this are the more recent commits that are show in the top directory or if they reflect if they are more updates or not.

Basically, what I want is to control an application, I have seen

  • AT-SPI browser
  • Dogtail Script recorder and
  • accersiser

But they dont exactly feet what 'Im after, but they are near to what I want, also I want to work on python, that is why I ask what is the official way or what ways are the recommended for access accessibility from python.

If you have any clarification, suguestion, I need some help, thx.

So rock on .