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Thread: support from Tripp-lite usb-serial adapter

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    Thumbs down support from Tripp-lite usb-serial adapter

    I have a usb serial adapter # usa 19hs and can't find a thing on there site or the forums. Gosh I dislike companies that print on the box works with pc/mac/linux...the joke on me

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    Re: support from Tripp-lite usb-serial adapter

    when you plug it in and open your software (i normally use gtkterm) i run it from terminal sudo gtkterm. click on configuration then at the bottom i have the usb to serial adapter.

    to see if it is working open a terminal
    sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog
    plug the usb adaptor in. should show activity in syslog. if the part at the top doesnt work post the output from syslog and someone here may be able to assist you further.


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