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Thread: R Trace/breakpoint trap error

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    R Trace/breakpoint trap error

    I was using R today in the terminal, and had just had it open for a few minutes when it exited without warning, going back to the usual Ubuntu terminal prompt. All it displayed as an error was:

    Trace/breakpoint trap
    Now whenever I try to use R in the terminal in either Gnome or XFCE4, the terminal prints all the R login messages (right down to 'Type 'q()' to quit R.'), then instantly prings "Trace/breakpoint trap" below that and exits R.

    I can run R in a terminal screen (Cntrl-Alt-F2), but obviously cannot produce plots here without having a window manager.

    Does anyone have any idea what could be happening here?

    Rkward will not run either - the Rkward window opens then suddenly closes again, with Trace/breakpoint trap showing in the terminal from which I was starting Rkward.
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    Re: R Trace/breakpoint trap error

    Have you installed all recommended packages?
    sudo aptitude install r-recommended
    Have you tried reinstalling R? Judging from the number of google hits for the error message, it is a very common problem, and certainly not specific to R. Maybe a required library or package is not being loaded successfully. Try a reinstall of R and see if the problem goes away.
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