Some of the ubuntu users have problems using Spotify so here's a tutorial for how to install Spotify using and make it run using wine.

When you download and install Spotify using wine Spotify can't play any tracks or freezes when playing tracks. In order to make Spotify run correctly follow the simple steps below.

How to install Spotify correctly:
First of all install "Wine" using the "Software center"(you'll find it under "Applications") or Synaptic Package Manager(you'll find it under System > Administration(search for Wine and choose ). When you've installed "Wine" head over to and press the green button that says "Download now"(you have to download the Windows-version).

Don't run it directly, save it to your desktop first!

When you've downloaded and saved Spotify on your desktop you should be able to see an icon(Spotify installer.exe). Double-click the icon and install the program. If you've done everything correctly you should be able to see the spotify-icon under "Applications> Wine > Programs". Double-click the icon. Now try to play any track that you like. If it not freezes after some seconds or if it not freezes after you've played that song you've installed the program correctly.

Congratz if it runs like a charm.. If not, try to follow these steps:

* Check your Wine version using this command in the terminal:
$ wine --version
If it says that you have version 1.0 or higher you should be able to run
Spotify. If not, you have to download a newer version(use the software
center or Synaptic Package Manager).

* Try to see if your problem is listed at

* If your problem isn't listed at try to contact them.

I hope this tutorial helped you,